This is where you should answer the most common questions clients might have. Check out the examples below.

    • Do you need my Facebook password?

No, at the time of your appointment you must have facebook already open, we will take remote access to your pc and proceed to create the page.

    • Will you install any program on my computer?

No, you will see in the whole process at the time of your appointment, if you close the program you will finish our access to your pc.

    • How long is an appointment?

About 45 minutes to 1 hour approximately. We recommend that you have a good internet connection to make the process faster.

    • How much time I have to wait to receive my payment?

About 48 Hours after finishing the 3rd appointment, on regular conditions.

    • How much will my payment be?

Our payment method is PayPal only, Latin America USD $35, USA USD $50, Europe USD $40.

    • Which countries are not admitted?

At the moment, the countries not admitted are:
Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, Venezuela.

    • Why are there countries that are not admitted?

Facebook blocks the advertising of the pages in the countries that we have put as not admitted, the probability is 0-5%. We prefer not to try it because it is waste of time and money for our company.

    • How can I know my Team Viewer ID?

    • How can I change my Team Viewer Personal Password?